Become Magnetic

“You’ve got the passion and expertise, now it’s time you were witnessed by an amazing tribe of ideal clients!”

Welcome Gorgeous Woman,

Beth Ann FischbergI’m Beth Ann Fischberg, and I’ve been waiting for you to show up… because you’re about to find out how you can get witnessed by an amazing tribe of ideal clients, so that you can effortlessly luminize your brilliance.

It’s time to celebrate being celebrated for all the right reasons. To be SEEN, HEARD and APPRECIATED for your gifts, and respected as the expert you ARE.

Playing small no longer suits you. You deserve MORE!

Fact is you’re operating inside an illusion-of-perfection bubble. And it’s that bubble that’s stopping you from effortlessly attracting the clients you want, and earning the money you deserve.

The illusion-of-perfection bubble sabotages the business success of transformational entrepreneurs, because it STOPS you from living your best life – despite your hard work.

The biggest problem about the illusion-of-perfection is its external focus.

The focus lies on:

Setting up accounts on as many social media networks as you possibly can – to stake your claim and get noticed.

Marketing your business – using the latest (and greatest) software and techniques, costing you precious time and resources.

Trying to be perfect so that you don’t appear weak – costing you time, sleep, and clients.

Marketing is key to running a successful business, but…

You cannot market a business congruently (and successfully) if you mask your true values and essence with pretense. When you strive to be perfect, you invite your inner critic to throw a heap of resistance in the way of success.

You need to make an impact to be remembered!

You need to become Luminicious FIRST so that you attract the attention, clients, relationships, and money, etc. you desire.

And I can fully support you to connect with your Luminicious presence, because I’ve been stuck in the illusion-of-perfection bubble. I know how it feels, how frustrating it is to work so damn hard at achieving your goals, without getting the momentum you desire.

It’s frustrating and discouraging. I’ve often wondered whether I was missing a key tool that would help me overcome those hurdles. It wasn’t until I did some profound work on myself and trained as an Art of Feminine Presence™ teacher that I found the missing ingredient – my Luminicious presence.

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My first experience with presence…

I was seven years old when I bought my first much-lusted-for Maybelline. Back in those days it came in a little red tube. I absolutely loved squeezing that precious black magic out of the tube and applying it to the little brush that came with it, to anoint my lashes. It made me feel like an Egyptian princess.

That was the first time I felt it… the power of presence.

And even though I felt truly happy playing with make-up, creating different hairstyles every day, and working on my little art projects, there was a part of me that never felt good enough on the inside, no matter how much Maybelline mascara I put on. My parents started dragging me to a series of therapists trying to gain an understanding of what my problem was.

This imprinted me with the strong belief that there was something intrinsically wrong with me. And so I was constantly striving to gain approval, validation, and a sense of worthiness outside of myself.

I felt ashamed and hid my pain from others. I believed that if people knew of my vulnerability, they would not like me, and I would be rejected.

Maybe you can relate to my 7-year old self. You feel pretty good about how you look on the outside. Oftentimes you feel pulled together and pretty. But there’s this inner voices nagging you that you’re too much of this and not enough of that. You may spend considerable energy on your appearance, but fail to see the beauty inside of you.

And you probably feel compelled to always DO MORE, to be of value in the world.

I’m passionate about helping women see and embrace their unique feminine presence, so they can feel confident in expressing themselves fully and powerfully in the world.

When you’re able to do this, you become luminous and feel more joyful. Your relationships will become more meaningful and authentic, and you will naturally receive all the positive attention you deserve.

I welcome you to check out my Profit With Your Presence coaching package to amplify your attraction factor.

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I can’t wait to show you what’s possible when you connect with your powerful presence.

Much Love,
Beth Ann