Luminize Express

Luminize Express – 3 Session Intensive – $497

  • Would you like to stop working so hard to gain attention for your business, and be fully recognized for your gifts and services?
  • Do you long to connect to the wonderful clients you dream of, yet feel pressured to service anyone and everyone just to make ends meet?
  • You’ve done a ton of work on yourself. You’ve paid lots of money for mentors, teachers, and products to help you grow as a person and as a business… YET whenever you meet with a client or present from stage you don’t always feel super confident, or that you’re being fully seen or heard and making the positive impact you desire.

Believe me, I know the feeling only too well!

That’s why I’ve created Luminize Express – to show you how presence trumps strategy every time! You’ll  learn my most potent practices and tools so you can be your most gorgeous and awesome you! It’s really not so hard – it’s all within you, it’s just that no one has shared the secrets to illuminate your powerful feminine presence.

In this customized 3 session intensive I’ll teach you the most essential physical, energetic, and vocal practices that will immediately amplify your magnetism and create permanent cellular shifts. You’ll walk into your next business or speaking event feeling more confident, at ease and grounded. You’ll also be delighted how others seem to be naturally drawn to you.

Exciting goodies that will change your life!

  • Master dynamic techniques to increase your luminescence.
  • Learn how to embody your powerful, feminine essence, and attract the respect and attention you want without having to project an image. Relax into your natural presence.
  • Integrate key practices to reconnect to your natural inherent feminine power. When you put these principals into action, you’ll become magnetic, receive the attention you deserve, and easily draw in the audience that resonates with your message.
  • You’ll receive before and after videos, e-mail support for 3 weeks, fun and practical homework and a follow up call to keep you on course for success.

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I’m so excited to play with you!