Working with Beth Ann was an amazingly empowering experience. I felt so comfortable and connected to her as if we had known each other for our whole life. Beth Ann gives off a sense of warmth and nurturing that you have to experience for yourself to really understand. She gave me advice in a kind and gentle manner, which I needed to hear even though it was tough at first. The insight she had into my business and in me personally was amazing. She was able to point out one very big mistake I was making in my business that will not only save me a lot of time and money, but allow me to really delve into what I do. If you get the chance to work with Beth Ann grab it with both hands. I know you will not be disappointed.

Amanda Robins,

I’m checking in more often with my power center and speaking from that place.

I’m finding people are more drawn to me. Women are drawn to me and invite me into partnerships. I had been wishing this for some time now – to be in collaboration with women.

I feel more connected with what I truly want and what I want to share with the world.

Beth Ann’s introduction evening was a game changer.  I experienced change right then, and knew I had to learn more!

People tell me that there’s an energy about me that draws them even if they don’t know why.  In my work with clients, I feel bolder and my coaching is more powerful.

I definitely feel more confident and connected to my feminine power. Top execs and powerful women need to know about this, your work is mega important and needs to reach many, many more women.  Thank you for believing in me and seeing in me what I wasn’t able to see in my self.  You are intuitive, playful, and authoritative creating a safe space and container.

Your gentle persistence is such a wonderful model to me.  I see you living what you teach and that’s an amazing gift to witness.

Love and Light,
Sophia Treyger,

I was unable to accurately read and sincerely connect to the people around me. Previous attempts to establish a connection through humor and personal stories were unsuccessful. Rather than it creating bonds, it appeared to be creating walls that served to keep us apart.

It was during this time that I met Beth Ann at a book club. I noticed during the book club, people clearly understood her intent and often referred back to her insights. After inquiring about her seemingly effortless skill to connect to people, she shared her method of establishing connection.

First thing she explained was the importance of speaking her truth. She described the effects of this practice as feeling safe in her own body and knowing the best thing to say at the best time. She then led me through guided exercises, which focused on my feminine essence and power and helped me to connect to my personal truth.

Empowered with this newfound information, I have applied her techniques to my daily life and immediately noticed a difference in the quality of my interactions. Now, everyone I converse with are more open, relaxed and actively engage with me. I also noticed I exerted less energy in achieving my goal. I’ve realized it’s not just about taking action, it’s about taking the appropriate action through honoring and embracing myself as an intuitive, beautiful and intelligent woman. The confidence and ease I feel in myself have resulted in people being able to consistently relate to me on a deeper level.

I am so grateful to Beth Ann for teaching me how to stand strong in my truth, to recognize when I’m not speaking from an authentic place and to fully embrace myself.

Ja’qlyn S.

Beth Ann did a Skype consult with me yesterday, and her session with me was pivotal. I had been postponing pursuing my ideal clients, who are social change agents, because I did not feel ready. Her work in helping me come from my heart and power center, and seeing that my power is connected with my vulnerability was the missing piece, and now I feel ready to contact my ideal clients. Thank you! Beth Ann Your work, especially with women is so important.

Today I took steps to work with my ideal clients that I had been postponing for months.

Unyong Kim,

I would like people to be aware of Beth Ann’s amazing ability to ground and tease out your true presence. We took time at a recent conference last week in Boston to work on my presence when I am talking to people and doing videos. I felt such a shift in energy when I owned my vision, why I am showing up for others, my masculine presence and my ability to create connections with others with her powerful tips and exercises. I would highly recommend this lovely lady if you want to improve your feminine (or masculine) presence with your ideal clients, through videos and in person talks. This is a game changer for me. Thanks so much Beth Ann.

Darryl Stewart,

I have been very in my power center this past week. I was amazed today at how quickly I could ground down into my whole self just walking down the street!!

I have noticed more eye contact and some head turning as people pass me. I LOVE IT!

I also have this kind of smug feeling of how self-content I have been feeling.

Other changes; two wonderful living space opportunities have come up for me.

I think it has to do with clearer communication.

Today I spoke very clearly to someone with whom I have had an unclear relationship, and created resolve.

And today, on Facebook, a relatively well-known lead singer of a rock’n’roll band added me as a friend and messaged me about jogging and vegan food! I assume that is pretty normal to him, but exciting and new for me!

Love and Light!
Jodi R., Portland, Oregon

I greatly enjoyed the five-workshop series and find the practices and tools are extremely useful at times when direct and honest communication is essential. Beth Ann is a wonderful “guide” and created a positive, open environment. I highly recommend the trainings to anyone who is interested in developing a more powerful presence.

Melissa B.

” Practicing my new awareness will allow me to effectively connect with others both professionally and personally in a more meaningful way.

Beth Ann does a wonderful job of living out her teachings. She is able to clearly articulate and demonstrate for others the power of presence and awareness. She is honest, sincere, and magnetic – and you can be too!”

Bryan Cargill, CC | Video Marketer and Speaker