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“Transform your business & make an impact!”

Magnify your Style, Spirit and Sass!

Want to know what it takes to become truly Luminicious?

Luminicious is… owning and mastering the secrets, to being incredibly powerful – in a feminine way.

Being delightfully yummy, playful and delicious without apology.

Glowing fully as a potent beacon of light, leadership and inspiration.

Would you love to live in truth with your values, knowing that whatever you DO, you are following your heart’s calling?

Would you like to know how to effortlessly create your best life?

Are you ready to be your most luminous self?

Are you, really?

Great! Because I am too. I’ve listened to you and I’m taking a massive leap of faith to put myself out there and offer you my gifts so that you can embrace yours.

Beth Ann Fischberg

I’m done playing small too. And as more and more heart-centered women entrepreneurs begged me to release coaching and personal presence packages I’ve (finally) listened… and voilà!

All my sessions and courses are a play of creativity, uniquely envisioned for you, or the group energy.

I look forward to playing with you.

Much Love,
Beth Ann

Profit With Your Presence
6-Hour VIP Day Experience

Profit With Your Presence is a powerful full day  collaboration between us to help you transition into your highest and most magnetic persona – you’ll learn my most potent secrets to amplify your luminous presence like never before.

Attract the business, personal relationships, and opportunities that are in true alignment with your values.  Learn how to stop depleting your radiance trying to “figure it out”. Tap into and honor your body’s wisdom for true guidance and discernment. You’ll also learn how to focus your energies, so you only take part in the activities, relationships, and groups that truly nourish you and lead to continuing fulfillment. This intensive incorporates potent life-changing inner presence practices, as well as outer beauty re-visioning to express your personal style with grace and ease.

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Luminize Express ~  3 Session Intensive

Luminize Express is a fast track program customized to your specific needs. We’ll have a pre-session conversation, so I’ll understand what your challenges are, and where you desire support.

Speaking and presenting with confidence, 1-1 or from a stage, creating healthy boundaries, vocal power, and creating instant resonance are just some of the topics I can help with.

You’ll receive 3 sessions of personal time with me in my home or via Skype where you’ll:

Strengthen and enhance your energetic, physical  and vocal expression, so people will say, “I don’t even know what she does, but I want to work with her!”

Master dynamic techniques to increase your magnetism.

Embody your powerful, feminine essence, and attract the respect and attention you want without having to shrink or project.

Access key practices to reconnect to your natural inherent feminine power. When you put these principals into action, you’ll become completely Luminicious, receive the positive attention you deserve, and easily draw in the ideal clients that resonate with your message.

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Luminous Soul Beauty

“True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul” – Audrey Hepburn

Did you know that people size you up in 3 seconds flat?

Is your outer image and beauty in congruence with your soul gifts and talents?

Would you like to learn how to artfully apply make-up to give a more polished appearance, without looking like a clown?

Or perhaps you’re stuck in a cosmetic time warp, and autopilot routine that’s outdated (and probably aging) because it feels comfortable?

Did you know that properly designed brows not only act as a natural facelift, but also add or take away from your powerful presence?

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Why not let me help you amplify your soul’s beauty?

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